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Intellectual property distribution accelerates innovation

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About us

Providing IP services by startup professionals

NEST iPLAB Co., Ltd. has been established by fusing the global startup support network of Leave a nest and iPLAB startups's startup intellectual property support know-how to solve Southeast Asian startup issues. By providing a framework for applying and acquiring rights globally and quickly, we will conduct a business that supports the global expansion of leading start-up companies in Southeast Asia.

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Advisory Services

Provides services mainly for IP advisory, consulting and support services to startups in Japan and Southeast Asia. The feature is that experienced members of startup and startup support gather. For this reason, we have a deep understanding of startup-specific business promotion issues and steps such as financing, and are good at optimal intellectual property strategies and business consulting. We also provide services that package common cases at startup.

Business Meeting
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Tsuyoshi Kageyama_edited.png


Patent Attorney

Completed University of London, Queen Mary College, MSc Management of Intellectual Property. Engaged in intellectual property business at Hitachi, Ltd. for 10 years from 2001. During that time, he was seconded to the United States, where he was in charge of all local intellectual property operations, including application and rights creation work for US group companies and laboratories. After returning to work, he was engaged in Hitachi Group's intellectual property / standardization strategy. In 2011, he established an intellectual property organization at DeNA Inc., and is responsible for formulating and executing intellectual property strategies. In 2014, engaged in licensing business at an American company.

Mitsuhiro MAEDA

Patent engineer

Graduated from Hitotsubashi University School of Commerce. In 1996, engaged in system development at a shipping information provider (Trump Data Service). Planning and developing the industry's first Internet service. In 1998, he participated in the establishment of a healthcare venture company, mainly in charge of development work. In 2003, worked for a patent office, recognizing the importance of intellectual property in the alliance between venture companies and major companies. Engaged in domestic and overseas rights acquisition work. It also provides technical support and intellectual property strategy consulting services during IP disputes. In 2015, joined Life Business Weather as a director. Sales, marketing, service planning, etc. as sales manager. In 2017, he became president of the company. Participated in iPLAB Startups in 2018.

Mitsuhiro MAEDA_edited.png
Takuya HORI_edited.png

Takuya HORI

Patent engineer(former JPO Patent examiner)

Graduated from Hokkaido University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of System Engineering. After joining the Patent Office in 2008, he worked for 11 years as a patent examiner (assistant) in electrical and information examination (memory circuits, memory systems, magnets, coils, capacitors). In the meantime, he was involved in recruitment and human resource development and Roppongi temporary government office relocation projects at the First Section of the Coordination Division. After returning to Japan in 2018, he served as the group head of the Fundamental Circuit Elements Group for Electrical Equipment, Part 4 of the Review. Retired from the Japan Patent Office in August of the same year, inspired by the world through dispatch training to startup companies in 2019, and returned their intellectual property knowledge and practical experience to the startup industry. Participated in patent business corporation iPLAB Startups.


master's degree (engineering)

Completed master's course at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Graduate School of Engineering, master's degree (engineering). Joined Revanes from the 1st year of the master's program, and then joined the company as the first new employee to leave. Established Human Resources Development Department and became an executive officer in 2012. From the same year, he was involved in the establishment of the Osaka office. Transferred to the Tokyo head office in 2013, responsible for incubation business in the manufacturing field, industry-academia collaboration business, activation of manufacturing company, etc. [Additional post] CEO of Grokalink Inc., Growth Manager of Real Tech Fund.


Dr. Hiroyuki Takahashi

Ph.D. in Science

He earned a Doctorate degree at the Yokohama City University in 2009. He has extensive experience in creating new research projects between corporates and young researchers in the academia, through the launch of "LNest Grant" to support researchers aged 40 or younger. In addition, he has been the core organizer of "Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference" as a platform for creating new knowledge and R&D projects. This is where researchers from various disciplines can combine the knowledge, technologies, and passion for problem-solving without boundaries and constrains of academia.

Dr. Yukihiro Maru

Ph.D. in Agriculture

He earned a Doctorate degree at the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Established Leave a Nest while he was in the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, with his fellow undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering, commercializing "Advanced Science Workshop" for the first time in Japan. Works in a "knowledge manufacturing industry" that combines the management resources and unutilized technologies in universities and local communities to create new business foundations. As the pioneer of TECH PLANTER, one of the largest seed acceleration programs in Asia in collaboration with super factories and major corporations, he combines deep tech that scatter across the world and challenges solving global issues. He is also an innovator who have launched numerous startup companies, including euglena Co., Ltd., listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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